30-How Much Does It Cost To Install A Whole Home Generator

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Whole Home Generator?

A whole-home generator can be an excellent investment for your home. Losing power can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, which is where a standby generator comes in handy. It can connect to your electrical circuit, detecting the moment where you lose power, and providing your home with a new source of electricity. This will mean that you never have to deal with losses of power again. Some whole home generators are able to power your property for weeks on end, making them incredibly convenient when disasters strike. 

Consequently, you might be thinking about installing one of these generators in your home. However, there’s a big question you’re wondering: how much does it cost to install a whole-home generator? 

In truth, it’s hard to provide a specific figure. Generator installations have lots of variables that can influence the overall price estimate. Still, in this guide, we will do our best to break down all these variables to help you understand how much it might cost. 

Generator sizes

You can find lots of different standby generators, all of which vary in size. When we talk about size, we’re not talking about the physical size and shape of the generator. Instead, we’re looking at the wattage. Whole-home generators vary in their kW output, meaning they will vary in price. Generally, the larger generators will be more expensive. Why? Because they have a larger power output, letting them power larger buildings. Also, bigger generators have lower risks as they are less likely to get overloaded because they have a higher power output. 

With that in mind, it helps to understand how big your whole-home generator needs to be. You might be able to save money by opting for a slightly smaller model as it will still have enough power for your home. If you need help choosing the right-sized standby generator, we are more than happy to help!

Generator brand

Like all things in life, the brand will impact the price of your generator. You can find a bunch of lesser-known brands on the market that provides incredibly cheap standby generator options. However, you have to weigh up the price with the reputation of the company. Can you trust that they will provide a high-quality product? More often than not, you’re better off choosing a generator from a trusted and well-recommended brand. That’s why Generator Supercenter is the #1 Generac Dealer in North America.

Home location

Similarly, the location of your home is going to impact the cost of installing a standby generator. It costs more money to install generators in some homes than others because of different conditions. For example, if you don’t have an easily accessible gas line, more work will be required during the installation process. Some underground digging might be required to access the line, while another home might have a gas line that can be connected to the generator without any added work required. Some houses may also need permits to install a generator, while others do not. Factors like this will influence the price and can mean you pay more or less for your generator. 


Ultimately, the whole-home generator installation cost will be based on two key elements. Firstly, you have the cost of the generator itself – this varies based on size and brand. Secondly, you have the cost of the installation process – the more complicated this is, the more expensive it will be. 

But, there is also one other factor to take into consideration: the installation service provider. Choosing the right provider to install your generator can have a huge bearing on how much it will cost you. Here at Generator Supercenter, we specialize in affordable generator installation and can make the entire process efficient. From logistics to permits and certifications, we’ve got everything covered for you. We’ll also offer a maintenance program, helping you keep your unit running in top condition. 
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