Top Causes Of Power Outages

You have heard the motto, be prepared, right? If you were ever part of a scouting group, it will almost surely be something you will have heard before. And it’s a good motto to keep in mind, especially when it comes to your home and business. Without a standby generator, you could be left in the dark, literally, if a power outage occurs.  So, what can cause a power outage?

Top Causes Of Power Outages

Power outages can occur for all kinds of reasons. These include the following.

Extreme winds

A gentle breeze won’t cause you any problems, but if there is a storm, tornado, hurricane, or blizzard in your area, the high winds can cause damage to local power lines. 

Hot weather

Many of us love the hot weather, but when everybody reaches for their A/C units at once in an attempt to cool down, this can cause local electrical lines to overload. When this happens a short circuit can occur.

Heavy snow

A white Christmas is beautiful, but too much snow can cause a power outage. This happens when snow and ice build up on power lines and cause a short circuit, or when heavy snow causes tree limbs to break and hit the power line. Say goodbye to your Christmas tree lights!

Load Shedding

This is when power companies decide to reduce electricity consumption if they think distribution lines are going to be overloaded. Power outages can occur for a short length of time until the demand for electricity has been decreased.

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